About Us

The “Meyer” name has meant quality and integrity for three generations. Whether in one of our custom homes, neo-traditional communities or commercial offices, people know that a Bob Meyer building has been designed with careful thought and craftsmanship. From land planning to design to construction, we pay attention to every aspect of the building process.

At Bob Meyer Communities, our team is committed to forming a personal partnership with our clients; to creating a vision and making it a reality; to providing insight from our experience. We continually enhance our practices with innovative ideas and designs so that we may provide a smooth, efficient and enjoyable process, with professionalism and service unequaled in the home-building industry.

As a small, but highly versatile building company, Bob Meyer Communities prides itself on the creation of unique home designs. Yet, as befits one of South Jersey’s most respected building firms, we also take pride in preserving the natural environment of the neighborhoods that we build in.

Our homes and neighborhoods have a character all their own thanks to our commitment to distinctive architecture, careful planning and innovative designs. They truly stand up to the passage of time, creating lasting value for their owners, while being great places to live and raise a family. And for the team at Bob Meyer Communities, that is the best testament to the quality of our work.

Bob Meyer Communities has made a commitment to South Jersey, and we plan to honor it. This company has been around for three generations, thanks to our thoughtful, conservative approach to business. We are a small builder, and that allows us to remain flexible and responsive, able to react quickly to changing market conditions. We’re part of this community, and we intend to be here for quite a while.